Revd Dr John Benton

Director of Pastoral Support

John Benton’s role seeks to expand the ways in which London Seminary can help pastors through the John Owen Centre and complements its existing theological work.

As leaders, pastors often find themselves at the very forefront of the spiritual battle. They face many pressures as they try to pursue effective ministry. The pastor must preach (which is an exacting task in itself), but his work is not only about preaching. It involves dealing with people in the middle of life’s struggles. It would stretch anyone to engage with children, teenagers, adults, the elderly, married and single folk. The pastor may have to fight for Christ and the gospel both inside and outside the church. And any honest man laments his own inadequacies and failures as he endeavours to set an example to his church. For such reasons and many more, pastors can need someone to talk to and pray with.

John was for over 35 years a pastor himself, and has much experience of local church life. He is available to meet pastors 1:1 to provide counsel, support, prayer and encouragement. His work also includes addressing pastors’ groups with regard to understanding ministry in the context of our changing culture and becoming resilient yet compassionate leaders. His work does not involve mediation, and is intended to complement rather than to bypass existing pastoral support structures.

If you are a pastor and would like to arrange to meet with John please contact the John Owen Centre on

Alongside his work at the Centre, John preaches and speaks around the UK. With his wife Ann, he is often involved in teaching and encouraging church groups in the areas of marriage, parenting and family life. With a doctorate in science he takes an interest in Christian apologetics and how that relates to the cultural changes in our society. For 25 years he has been the editor of the Christian monthly newspaper Evangelicals Now. He has a heart passion for building up smaller churches and encouraging their members.


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And more….