Pastoral Study Days

Thursday 30 November 2017: ‘Who does the pastor think he is?’

Lecture 1: What is church leadership?

Lecture 2: The pastor as husband

Lecture 3: The pastor as parent

While being practical about the pastor as husband and parent in the family, the study day will also tie this to the kind of church leadership that the New Testament envisages.



Thursday 8 March 2018: ‘That fool in the pulpit!’

Lecture 1: Why preaching?

Lecture 2: Preaching in a therapy culture

Lecture 3: The call to the ministry?

The aim of this study day is to address the current drift from the centrality of preaching, which has multiple roots.



Wednesday 13 June 2018: ‘Pastor – are you seeing things?’

Lecture 1: Vision for a local church

Lecture 2: Leaders people follow

Lecture 3: Encouragement for small churches

The aim of this study day is to encourage pastors (especially of smaller churches) that they do have a future and there is a way forward.