Master of Theology

Modules 2017


9-13 January 2017  -  Professor Crawford Gribben

CH 873L John Owen and English Puritanism



  • to examine the life and work of John Owen, particularly concentrating on the period 1640-1660

Topics include:

  • The impact of politics upon theology
  • The threat of antinomianism and neonomianism
  • Defending Scripture in an age of enthusiasm
  • Tracing change as well as continuity in Owen’s writing

Students will be expected to complete extensive readings in works by Owen and his English contemporaries, as we examine his ideas in context.


6-10 March  -  Dr Robert Letham

ST 733L Trinitarian Theology Ancient and Modern



  • To explore the doctrine of the trinity from primary texts from the fourth century trinitarian crisis, Augustine, key medieval theologians and a selection of Reformation and post-Reformation authors.
  • To give the student a thorough knowledge of the church's historic doctrine of the trinity.
  • To develop the ability to read primary theological sources, provide an understanding of how Reformation theologians interacted with the tradition, and enhance the student's ability to appreciate perspectives different than his own.
  • To help students gain a base for further scholarly work in theology and/or the application of theology in church ministry.

Topics include:

  • Reading and seminar discussion of key works of fourth century theologians such as Athanasius, Basil the Great, Gregory of Nyssa and Gregory of Nazianzus, together with the resolution of the trinitarian crisis at the First Council of Constantinople.
  • A consideration of Augustine's doctrine of the trinity and various critical appraisals of its role in the history of theology.
  • An evaluation of the Eastern and Western doctrines of the trinity, together with claims that such distinctions are inapplicable.
  • Reading and seminar discussion of important works on the trinity from within the Reformed church; such as John Calvin, John Owen, Jonathan Edwards and Karl Barth.


26-30 June  -  Dr Aaron Denlinger

CH 852L History and Theology of the Scottish Reformation



  • To introduce students to some of the major figures and events of the Scottish Reformation.
  • To explore key texts of the Scottish Reformation and examine theological and ecclesiastical issues related to those texts.
  • To facilitate discussion of theological and practical lessons the church today might learn from the early Reformed Kirk.

Texts and topics covered include:

Late medieval Scottish Catholicism; the impact of Humanism and Lutheranism in Scotland; John Knox; the Scots Confession; the First and Second Book of Discipline; the Book of Common Order; Scottish Presbyterianism


28 August - 1 September  -  Dr Garry Williams

CH 820L Classical Reformed Covenantal Theology



  • This course will cover the covenant theology of selected major authors from the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Topics include:

Robert Rollock, John Ball, Samuel Petto, John Owen, Thomas Blake, and Thomas Boston. The course will examine the evidence for and the relationship between the covenants, and will use material from the period to assess recent critiques of classic Reformed covenant theology.


4-8 September  -  Dr Craig Troxel

CH 830L The Doctrine of the Church in Reformed Theology



  • To familiarize students with ecclesiology (the doctrine of the church) in the Reformed tradition through readings in historical, biblical, and systematic theology.
  • To acquaint students with the theological foundations, principles, and practices that support, guide, and embody Reformed ecclesiology.
  • To provide students with resources to answer the ancient and modern challenges of sacramental, ecumenical, consumeristic, and post­modern views of the church.
  • To train students to articulate and defend more thoughtfully and winsomely the conviction that the church is “the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ”

Topics include:

The relationship between ecclesiology and biblical and systematic theology, church power, church and state, church and the Kingdom of God, as well as readings in James Bannerman, John Calvin, William Cunningham, Herman Bavinck, G.C. Berkouwer, Charles Hodge, John Murray, Thomas Peck, John Owen, Herman Ridderbos, Stuart Robinson, James Thornwell, Geerhardus Vos, and Thomas Witherow.

Modules 2016

January 4-8  -  Dr Mark Garcia

Studies in Holy Scripture

April 11-15  -  Dr Lane Tipton

Theological Themes in Romans and Hebrews

June 27 - July 1  -  Dr Bill Edgar

Secularization Theory

August 29 - September 2  -  Dr Mark Garcia

The Theological Virtues: Faith, Hope, and Love

September 5-9  -  Dr Garry Williams

History of the Reformed Doctrine of the Atonement

Modules 2015

January 5-9  -  Dr Mark Garcia

Divorce in Scripture, History and Theology

April 13-17  -   Dr Crawford Gribben

John Owen and English Puritanism

June 29 - July 3  -  Dr Robert Letham

Trinitarian Theology Ancient and Modern

August 31 - Sept. 4    -  Dr Garry Williams

Classical Reformed Covenant Theology

Modules 2014

January 6-10  -  Dr Lane Tipton

Covenant and Christology

March 3-7  -  Dr Robert Oliver

The Origins of English Nonconformity
from 1660 to 1735

June 30 - July 4 - Dr Lane Tipton

Topics in the Doctrine of Man

August 25-29  -  Dr Carl Trueman

The Life and Thought of John Owen

Modules 2013

January 7-11 - Dr Garry Williams

History of the Reformed Doctrine of the Atonement

April 15-19 - Dr Steve Nichols

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

July 1-5 - Dr Mark Garcia

The Theological Virtues: Faith, Hope and Love

August 26-30 - Dr Lane Tipton

Topics in the Doctrine of Salvation

September 2-6 - Dr Craig Troxel

The Doctrine of the Church in Reformed Theology

Topics covered by the course (2002-2012)

Scottish Covenant Theology

Andrew McGowan
2002, 2004, 2006, 2007

History of Reformed Thought

Carl Trueman

Theology of Jonathan Edwards

Sam Logan


Tim Trumper

Origins of English Nonconformity 1660-1735

Robert Oliver
2002, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009

Life and Thought of John Owen

Carl Trueman
2003, 2005

English Puritan Piety

William Barker

History and Theology of Apologetics

Scott Oliphint

Reformed Ecclesiology -
(Doctrine of the Church in Reformed Theology)

Craig Troxel
2003, 2006, 2008, 2010

The Westminster Standards

Sinclair Ferguson

Life and Thought of Martin Luther

Carl Trueman
2004, 2008, 2011

Old Religion in the New World -
(Transatlantic Puritan Thought)

Jeff Jue
2004, 2008

Life and Thought of Jonathan Edwards

Stephen Nichols
2004, 2006, 2011

Calvin's Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

Sinclair Ferguson

Kuyper and His Worldview Tradition

McKendree Langley

Reformed Doctrine of Salvation

Lane Tipton
2005, 2007

History of the Reformed Doctrine of the Atonement

Garry Williams
2006, 2008, 2009

Old Princeton Theology

Jeff Jue

Calvin's Theology of Union with Christ

Mark Garcia
2007, 2009

History and Theology of the Westminster Assembly

Chad Van Dixhoorn

Life and Thought of J Gresham Machen

Stephen Nichols

Origins of Covenant Theology

Peter Lillback

Apologetics of Cornelius Van Til and Francis Schaeffer

Bill Edgar

Doctrine of Scripture in Theological and Historical Perspective

Iain Campbell

Classical Reformed Covenant Theology

Garry Williams
2010, 2012

The Doctrine of Scripture in Theological and Historical Perspective

Iain Campbell

Classic Reformed Sacramental Theology

Robert Letham

Life and Thought of Francis Turretin

Jeff Jue

Horrendous Evils and the Atonement: Theological and Spiritual Perspectives

Mark Garcia

Rooted in Modernity

William Edgar

Topics in Soteriology

Lane Tipton

Trinitarian Theology Ancient and Modern

Robert Letham

Covenant and Christology

Lane Tipton